Reputation Management Services

There are several benefits online reputation management; some of them obvious but some you might not have even though of. You know that your customers are talking about your services and products online and this cannot is ignored. In a case study in 2010 involving 29,000 people in US, it was discovered that eight out of ten customers changed their mind on their shopping decision on finding negative information, mostly in the context of “star ratings”, or “online reviews” on many review or retailer sites.

Therefore, many businesses have taken to continuously monitoring, managing and responding to such comments and reviews. The biggest benefit of this monitoring is increase in positive ratings and reduction in negative ratings, and in long term, increase in sales. There are many more benefits of using reputation management services.
Let’s have a close look at few of them.

  • Online reviews can help enhance product development and research

Customers are very forthcoming about the way they feel about the services or products they’ve purchased. Some will abruptly state their feelings, while others will state the reason why they did or did not have a great experience.

Many customers will also make suggestions to improve the products, which can be great for flawless product development. Therefore, businesses can compile and analyze trends to really know what resonates with the customers. This data can be sued to enhance the current version of service or product, or in future development efforts.

  • Interacting with online reviews can also help alleviate support costs

When the monitoring and response mechanism of the company gains momentum, customers will begin to appreciate that company is not only concerned about its customers, but is also providing answers right in the context of online reviews. This will result in lesser number of negative review and posts in the longer run. It will also result in fewer calls to the support center.

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